Training Pathways

We are undertaking preliminary work on mapping training pathways. This key step will ensure we are reflecting information in an accessible and useful format, before settling on an approach to underpin mapping of training pathways across selected high demand job roles.

Using a prototype model, the Seamless Future Rail Skills project will map a range of training pathways related to rail operations and maintenance. It will provide an overview of how people can enter the sector as well as highlight opportunities for those already working in the sector.

While we are designing the look and feel of the training pathway documents, we are also undertaking a nationwide skills audit to ensure the training pathways being documented meet the needs of the widest number of industry users.

Project stages

We are proud to open up the training pathways for tranche four for public stakeholder consultation.

We are seeking feedback related to the useability and readability for the following cohorts:

Feedback for tranche four closed on 12 August 2022. All feedback will be collated for the consideration of the Technical Advisory Group.

The Technical Advisory Group and Seamless Future Rail Skills team would like to thank all stakeholders for their feedback.

If you would like to receive notification when the Training Pathways are available for public consultation please email [email protected], expressing your interest.